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Occasionally we have adult Bernese Mountain Dogs available for adoption. When our adults become available we look for appropriate homes for them that will compliment their abilities and provide them with a safe, happy retirement home.  We are happy to talk with prospective families about the possibility of adopting one of our "Retirees" but always reserve the right to interview the family first and request additional information from prospective families to ensure that our dogs are being placed in the correct environment. If you would like to talk with us about one of our adults please feel free to call us at your convenience at  706-540-9738.  All dogs are up to date on their vaccinations, dewormings, flea control and are leash trained. Some of our dogs are a combination of experienced carting dogs, working livestock guardians, show dogs or just great family pets.  All dogs are placed with a written contract. 


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WOF Smokey Mountain Chloe....aka "Chloe"

Chloe is a four year old, female Bernese Mountain dog. She is AKC registered and micro chipped. Chloe has had all of her health testing finished and her results are published here on our web site as well as some of it already being posted on both Bernergard.org and OFA.org.  

Chloe is OFA - Fair (hips) 

OFA - Normal (eyes)


DM SOD1-A -carrier

DM SOD1-B clear

TYPE 1 von Willebrand's - Clear 

Cardiac -Normal (heart)


Chloe will come with all of her health testing certificates, Full AKC registration, microchip information and extended AKC pedigree. We will not be using Chloe in our breeding program due to her not being a correct match for the males that we have on sight.  Chloe weighs in on average 90-95 lbs.  Chloe is up to date on all vaccinations, dewormed every eight weeks, kept on flea preventative (seresto collar) and is on heart worm preventative. 


Chloe is very friendly and easy going. She can be somewhat dominate with other females but is pretty submissive to males. She does fine with our barn cats but has never been around small dogs.  She is great with our horses, foals, going to the lake, feed store or Tractor Supply Company (thats her favorite. lol) She is well mannered on the leash and loads into the truck. She LOVES water and likes to swim in our horses water tanks. Chloe is good with being bathed and will even stand for the blow dryer. I would not recommend a home for Chloe with small dogs or sharing constant living space with cats since I have not ever exposed her to them and do not know how she would be in that situation.

Chloe is $2000



Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have about Chloe at 706-540-9738. 



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Heidi's Gypsy at Heart...aka "Heidi"


Heidi is one of our lovely retired ladies that we adore but we also feel like she would enjoy a family to go out and have fun with. Heidi has been with us for the past four years and has never been anything but a pleasure to have with us. She is the epitome of sweet and kind. Heidi has had one litter of four beautiful babies with us in 2016.  We will be breeding Heidi again and she will be placed with a spay contract. Heidi has OFA Excellent (hips) and CARDIAC Normal (heart.)

Heidi walks well on a leash and is very polite and respectful. She likes to ride in the car but will only load her front end...the back end is our work according to her. lol  She is very easy going and is fine with our barn cats, other dogs and horses.  Heidi is up to date on all vaccinations, dewormed every eight weeks, kept on clea control (seresto collar), micro chipped, and on heart worm preventative (ivomec.) Heidi is good with being bathed, dewormed, groomed and having her ears cleaned. 

I think Heidi would do well as a companion with an older couple, single person or family with a relaxed environment in their home. We want her  to retire and live the "good life" and be the center of attention for her family. Heidi has recently had her checkup and is perfectly healthy according to our veterinarian. She does have one small cyst on her side that she has had for years.  It is the same size it has always been and has shown no signs of being a problem. 

Heidi is $500  

Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have about Heidi.