Color :  Salt & Pepper

This beautiful boy has been reserved and is no longer available.

Updated: 05/19/2022  

Oh my goodness, I cannot say just how much I adore this little boy.  Charmer is the sweetest little love bug I have ever met!!  He loves to cuddle and does this little humming noise when you kiss him. He is happy to just sit on your lap and be adored. He likes to play with the squeaky toys and the floppy octopus that has crinkle legs too. His very favorite is the monkey with the long legs hanging up to swing off of and wrestle with though.  Charmer also loves to chase a ball and will bring it back to you (most of the time.) He is a smaller boy with a square, compact build. His hair is soft and fluffy. Charmer is fully vaccinated and has been doing very well with crate and Potty (litter) training. He will have his next vet visit on Thursday 4/28.  We love Charmer and are looking for the best home possible for this beautiful boy. He has been clipped twice and does very, very well with the clippers, blowdryer, bathing and brushing.  He sits upon the table for you to trim his toenails without hesitation. He is the very best boy!!